Hello, my name is Mikhail and I'm a Lifestyle Wedding Photographer out of Boston. Like every photographer says... I love black coffee, but wait I also love mezcal margaritas (Did someone say margaritaaaaas???) I'm inspired by real fun, great design, color and your golden sunset…a rare sight in New England (kidding). I’d love to get to know you and hear how I can capture your awesome.


Check out the video below which is mostly me spinning around with cameras and doing burn-outs in a prius.

Weddings are awesome and deserve to be captured creatively and authentically. I believe that real moments are better than gold.




I think I just love bears. I was born in Ukraine, so there are plenty of photos of me posed next to taxidermy bears as a young dude (seriously, they were very common in the Soviet Union). Also, the cute nickname for Mikhail in Ukrainian is Mishka, which also happens to translate to 'baby bear'. Yup, it's meant to be! When it was finally time to really “brand” my business, I chose something that made me feel inspired to do what I love... which is capture love in a fun, real and sweet way.




Taking photos in my personal time allows me to explore new things without any limitations. It helps me play with light, different subjects, and fun settings, and ultimately recharges me creatively. I encourage everyone to take more photos— of places, friends, things, family and just everything around you that inspires you. I love looking through peoples photos and in return that inspires me to continually capture life around me (which is mostly our pup, Sebastian). See my life on instagram.



"Had a fantastic experience with Mikhail! I was actually going to go with another photographer, but just didn't feel right...then an ad popped up with a badass logo, and it was Mikhail! I immediately fell in love with the "feel" of his photographs-- he truly does capture real moments, real smiles, real reactions. Knowing that's what I wanted in my photographer, I booked Mikhail.

I think two things stood out to me in the entire process, pre and post wedding: 1) Mikhail's enthusiasm. He is a people person. He is deeply passionate about his work (and talented, at that!). He was honestly fun to be around! 2) Importantly, it wasn't just that Mikhail captured real moments, it's that he captured who my husband and I are as a couple. Look around his blog-- notice that each wedding blog post comes out with an entirely different vibe. Mikhail actually tries to understand what you, as a couple, represent, and to reflect that in your photos. My husband and I wholeheartedly felt that he delivered exactly that-- we wanted a vibrant, smiley, fun feel and that's exactly what we got. Mikhail knocked it out of the park.
Highly, highly recommended. Thanks Mikhail!! "

Adi & Adam


" Throughout the process of planning a wedding there are so many choices you have to make. There are two things that came easy to me that I didn't question throughout the entire process, 1) I knew I wanted to marry Tyler 2) I HAD to have Mikhail as my wedding photographer!!!!!!!!!!!! I had seen Mikhail's work via social media, a friend of a friend booked him for a destination wedding. Que my stalker status! Before I was even engaged I followed Mikhail and fell more and more in love with his photography skills. Months later it was finally time for me to pop the question and ask questions regarding availability, rates, etc. Mikhail was perfect! Now that Tyler and I are married and have received our photos I am even more impressed! Not only was he an amazing photographer and we love every photo, he was also one of the best wedding guests! Having him around actually calmed my nerves before the wedding! He is professional, but I felt like I was working with my bud/spirit animal! Prior to the wedding, Mikhail made sure he had a full background on what we wanted out of his service and he 100% met all of our expectations. I continue to look through the photos and fall in love even more and more. There is not a picture in there that I would not want to print and save forever. Everyone has their insecurities, but Mikail helped make everything and everyone look their best. Flaws became our best features and as the bride I have never felt more beautiful. I didn't know if I loved my hair or if I picked the right dress, but after seeing the photos I know everything was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing!

I highly, highly recommend Mikhail! I guarantee I will book him for future needs as well because I don't want anyone else to take professional photos again :) "


Kaitlin & Tyler


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