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Jenna & Andrew Engagement Session - Boston Engagement Photographer

Jenna & Andrew Engagement Session - Boston Engagement Photographer

Some photographers think engagement sessions are a chore and not the real event, and it shows in the forced or fake poses. I think engagement sessions are a blast and deserve to be captured accordingly. They are a place that shows the real you, how fun you are and how you express yourself through your love and connection with each other. It's a moment, before the "big" wedding celebration that is simple and intimate and no pressure. I’m glad my wife and I have engagement photos to look back on; they aren’t cheesy and boring poses, they are just us, us in love. The key to a magical and beautiful engagement session is you. So have a magical scroll down of Jenna & Andrew's awesome sunset session.

Caitlin & Bruce's Engagement Photos in Charlestown, MA

Caitlin and Bruce are golden. Amazing fall evening spent with my sweet friend Caitlin and her fiancé Bruce at their Charlestown, MA engagement session. Looking forward to your magical wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. Enjoy!

Mel & Dev's Wild and Fun Boston LGBT Engagement Session

Mel & Dev happen to be very sweet friends of mine so they let me take them somewhere fun and colorful. The rest was easy. We ran around like crazy people which only made sense because they are crazy about each other—is that a dad joke? Anyway, enjoy these real, fun and colorful moments.

…and may this be the best same-sex engagement session there ever was. The End.