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Olga & Dmitri's Stylish Downtown Minneapolis Elopement

When you look this good and are this laid back you arrive as late as you want, haha! Had a great time capturing Olga & Dima's sunset post-elopement portraits downtown in Minneapolis’ downtown warehouse district.

Andrea Lifestyle Boston Portraits

Excited to share a fun session with Andrea. I love the chance to go to interesting locations and try new things- half of this session has a subdued feeling which I wanted to try although I couldn't help myself towards the end to brighten things up and have fun. Enjoy.

Danielle & Nate Boston Lifestyle Session

My dear friends Danielle & Nate are only a few days from leaving Boston to travel the world for an entire year, so let's call this a farewell lifestyle session. We just crawled through what I call the catacombs of Back Bay, behind Berklee School of Music, the Hilton Hotel and right behind the Christian Science Center if you are curious. Have a blast my friends! Oh this is their travel blog: Oaks + Compass where you can keep track of their adventures. Enjoy!