This blog post is a much longer story than I usually write, but I hope you’ll see way. I call this the wedding that almost didn’t happen. Here goes:

Three days before Katie and Mike’s big day they got word that Hurricane Joaquin was rolling into Block Island and that their outdoor-tent venue could no longer host their wedding. They had 72 hours to find a new location. No big deal.

I knew things were going from bad to worse when just before we were about to leave, we got word that all boats running to the island were cancelled for the weekend. The only option left was to take a flight in a tiny 10-person plane out of Westerly, RI. Katie called to tell me the wedding might not even happen because she wasn’t sure who’d be willing to fly in the stormy weather.

As soon as she hung up Katie and Mike started hearing from friends and family willing to brave the 15-minute flight and make it there for the big day. If the wedding wasn’t called off, I certainly wasn’t going to miss it! We got on the last (bumpy, scary) flight late Friday afternoon with a bunch of other wedding guests.

Emotions were thick, but Friday's rehearsal dinner proved that the support and love was there. We literally drank the bar out of almost all of their beers.

Even better, by Saturday the weather had cleared---thick clouds and heavy wind but no rain. You can see so much emotion in Katie and Mike’s first look---joy at being together and amazement that it somehow had all worked out, even if it wasn’t as planned. I can say my eyes haven’t watered this much while editing in a long time.

During my downtime I stopped by the Yellow Kittens Tavern, their new venue, to see how everything was setup and was blown away how amazing it looked. The custom beer taps, oyster bar, details, table scapes, dessert table flowers and the lawn games---you never could have known this was planned in 48 hours.

Overall the wedding turned out magical and the party was unreal. Katie said when she walked down the aisle and saw all the people who made it out she finally felt the relief. It just shows that weddings aren’t in the details that look great on blogs but the people who are there to love and celebrate you.

I tried to show the stormy weather throughout some of the blog post, as well as the cute farm animals they got to see before the ceremony. Katie & Mike if you two can weather this storm, you have an awesome life ahead of you. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this memorable weekend. Enjoy!