Amolee Lifestyle Senior Session at Tufts University

My first official Senior photo session in 5 years. Well, here it is and I'm excited to share it! Huge thanks to you Amolee for being wonderful and having fun along the way, oh and being adventurous for climbing all those steep Tufts University streets in heels. Enjoy.

Newton Country Day School Senior Photos

Danielle & Nate Boston Lifestyle Session

My dear friends Danielle & Nate are only a few days from leaving Boston to travel the world for an entire year, so let's call this a farewell lifestyle session. We just crawled through what I call the catacombs of Back Bay, behind Berklee School of Music, the Hilton Hotel and right behind the Christian Science Center if you are curious. Have a blast my friends! Oh this is their travel blog: Oaks + Compass where you can keep track of their adventures. Enjoy!

Galina & Max Family Session in Portland, OR

Galina and Max are wonderful friends of mine that live in Portland, OR.  I like to think of Max as my West Coast younger brother. A fellow artist, and super talented creative making magic for big name clients across the country---anyway, I was super excited when Max asked me to take a few photos of his beautiful growing family. Enjoy!